Five challenges I find when writing articles

There are many challenges that I experience as a writer. Sometimes there is never enough time in the day!! That would be my first big challenge. How do I actually fit in the time to actually do my writing? With the advent of the laptop (my goto writing tool), tablets and phones as well as the pen and paper, there are many different ways of actually getting the written word down. I always set aside time to spend researching and writing my articles.

Choosing a topic can be a challenge. I would always tend to write about things directly related to me especially if I have had personal experience with it. An example would be hospitality professionals never sleep. I can remember in the days of running our family Indian Restaurant the chef would have asked me to order chickens on his way out and next morning chickens did not arrive as I forgot….I still get flashbacks and cold sweats!! This illustrates that communication and systems are key and that really we never switch off!
Where to publish can also be a quandary. With the advent of the internet and especially social media (an umbrella term for all digital online mediums ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) it has become a lot easier to publish work. There are no double spaced paper copies to be submitted physically to an editor rather all is done quickly, efficiently and with more accuracy with the computer therefore ensuring work is submitted speedily.
When to publish is also an important challenge. Should I publish something on a daily, bi or tri-weekly, weekly or monthly basis? These all depend on your own personal commitments, schedules, contractual obligations. I would usually publish work at least weekly and sometimes more so depending on what is happening.

The most important step, for me, is auditing my work. I listen to comments from my readers, other professionals, and my wife!! I constantly strive to improve my writing style and content. It’s a very dynamic process and a challenging one.

With video becoming an ever more popular tool in marketing, why do you think restaurants should look to writers?

A picture tells a thousand words. Just imagine how much information can be sent in a running video. In old money,the number of frames per second was standardised at 24, ie 24 pictures per second. In digital 
terms this can be 50 or 60 (aka Hertz Hz). Imagine now that you could have 60 pictures per second or 60 times 1000 or 60,000 words per second!!! That’s absolutely mind blowing and really opens up so much more in terms
of information dissemination.

In other words its like saying a photo in an article is a snapshot in time, whereas a video is having lots of pictures in sequence and all together one after the other, with no time lag and it can be as long as you wish and therefore much more information can be portrayed. There is also the added advantage of having sound. This can be voice and/or music so can be very powerful and useful for getting information across and setting the scene.

This brings in so many opportunities to make films, whether short, medium or long and advertisements, which would be something that the hospitality industry could utilise very well. Writers can therefore play a big part in providing tailor made, snappy punch lines and content. Restaurants should definitely consider having writers compose their content for still or motion material, whether its for an advertisement, an editorial or just to add scripts for cookery demos.
Writers can also compose well constructed, thought out and grammatically correct content, which takes time and effort and which restaurants may not have time for or have the skill sets for. There is therefore a potential big market for writers to provide content for videos providing there is a clear and precise brief from the establishment. The content can then be tweaked as necessary.

Belfast Holiday World Show is in Full Swing!!

The Holiday World Show is now up and running at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

It was opened by the, well travelled and gorgeous, Debbie Magee yesterday.

This show has grown from strength to strength and being in January it sure gives us all dreams of our next holiday. Whether it’s a weekend break in one of the beautiful hotels around Ireland or caravans or motor homes or the classic package holidays to the Med or to far flung places like China, the USA, Canada to name but a few.

Places like Tunisia, Cyprus and Malta intrigued me as well as Jordan. There is a lot of exciting history, tradition, culture and cuisine on offer!!

There are holidays to lots of destinations, for different time periods and for every budget. The caravan market is huge here and growing and some of the luxury static caravans on sale are definitely worth considering especially if one has a young family and wants a bolt hole during holidays and weekends!!

The cruise market is also growing from strength to strength with the big players showing off their deals. Belfast is now firmly on the cruise circuit and had over 140 ships docked last year and that will increase this year.

The Orient was well represented by China and Thailand and these destinations are growing year on year. Jamaica and Mauritius anyone? Well find out all about them at the show.

Closer to home there was luxury garden furniture on display from Euro Gardens and stands selling all sorts of things like cleaning products, phone cables, sweets and tooth whitening!!

The show is on today and tomorrow before heading to Dublin next……..get down to the show and choose your next holiday!!!!!

A taste of Spain in Belfast

This afternoon, I was honoured and thrilled to be one of twenty five or so lucky guests, to be wined and dined courtesy of the Spanish Tourist Board . The venue was COCO Restaurant and Bar in Belfast.

The weather was miserable, cold, wet and windy and what better way to while away the afternoon than dreaming about the heat, sand and sea of Spain!!

I’m a huge fan of Spain and of Coco the restaurant and was so thrilled to be invited. After mingling for half an hour or so we were seated and welcomed by Ana from Tour Spain and then we were given a short presentation on the region of Murcia and the Costa Calida by Kristian.

Then it was lunch…. which naturally had a Spanish theme and highlighted the region of Murcia, for being a top gastronomic destination in 2020.

I started with the potted rabbit with toast and chutney. There was plenty of rabbit and the crunchiness of the toast, sweet chutney and buttery rabbit were excellent.

For mains I had the Barbary duck (well done, top left), artichoke purée and potato gratin. This was a fine dish and the creaminess of the potato was sublime. 

To finish I had Creme brûlée washed down with a coffee. The service was polite and unobtrusive and the setting just brilliant-loved the art!! A delightful afternoon!!!!

The Spanish Tourist Board will be showcasing the best of Spain at the Holiday World Show (17-19th Jan) at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

Thank you Paco for your kind invitation.

‘Veganuary’ a good thing or a fad?

I think Veganuary is a fab idea but reckon it’s just a fad. I guess it will take time to see if it catches on and remains a permanent calender fixture in the future.

It’s good that we all reduce our reliance on meat and meat based products due to ethical, moral, environmental or religious reasons. Am I ready to go Veganuary, the answer is no but the clever folk at Burger King might just be able to tempt me…….

Burger King have launched their new, non meat patty, Rebel Whopper today in the UK.

It looks like the picture, has lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, ketchup and soya protein patty, flame grilled all in a seeded bun.

But it’s not suitable for pure veggies/vegans because it’s cooked on the same grill as the beef patties!! A big of an own goal!!!!

I would have loved to try it but don’t eat beef (for religious reasons) hence won’t be able to try it…..will you?

Happy New Year….Roll on 2020

A clip from my all time favourite movie….. email me if u know the answer!!!

I would heartily wish to thank all my readers and everyone who has helped the BFM in 2019. Here’s a few of my posts:

Which one did you all like?

Here’s hoping 2020 is even better……

B4 I go here’s a sample of Christmas Day at ours……..,

Look out for more blogs in 2020!!!

Christmas in Belfast part 7

This is the final part in my series on Christmas In Belfast and what a lovely way to finish it!! For this my eldest daughter and I visited Belfast Cathedral

to take part in the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

We arrived there in plenty of time and got to sit at the very front and on the Lord Mayors seat!! It was very comfy…… The Cathedral quickly filled up and the service promptly commenced at 15.30.

There were nine lessons,relating to the Christ story, which were delivered by different people. Interspersed by excellent singing of songs and well known carols, by the choir and congregation and accompanied by the majestic organ. It was a truly awe inspiring rendition of The Christmas Story and one which I thoroughly recommend….. there is a Christmas Eve programme at 20.00 and it lasts 1 hour 15.

We then took a walk through the City Centre to savour the atmosphere of the last Sunday before Christmas. The place was bustling and lots of gifts were being bought. It was also the last day of the Christmas Market.

We also managed to see a real life Live Crib which had stables complete with animals and real life characters from the Nativity at St Mary’s Church.

Lastly we had a stroll through CastleCourt and soaked up the Christmas spirit….. we also saw the new Shakeaway store. We will definitely have to try it out!!

It’s been a real pleasure sharing my take on Belfast at Christmas. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings and A Peaceful and Prosperous 2020!!

Christmas in Belfast part 6

Last Sunday we had another Daddy Daughter Day in Belfast. We started the Belfast Reindeer Trail. This is a trail that took us around the City Centre in our quest to find 5 out of 8 Reindeers around #BT1.

We also visited Soda and Champ, opposite Castle Court Shopping Centre, and the girls also got to write and post letters to Santa!!

We savoured the sights, sounds and smells from the bustling city centre streets, shopping centres and market….it was packed and full of Christmas cheer. The lads singing carols in the ‘half buff!!’ were fantastic as was the street performer. It’s also great to see the Iconic Primark store being rebuilt.

Only 8 days to go to get all your Christmas needs, why not come into Belfast and savour the atmosphere!!

Christmas at Belfast Cathedral

Black Santa will officially begin his 43rd sit out at Belfast Cathedral aka St Anne’s Cathedral on Monday 16th however he was out last night at the Night Time Bazaar. Black Santa has helped around 500 charities so far.

The Black Santa is a tradition first started by Dean Crooks in 1976, who dressed in his black Anglican cloak and was coined ‘Black Santa’ by the then press. He was out in full regalia last night during the Night Time Bazaar.

The Cathedral’s first foundation stone was laid on the 6th September 1899 on the site of the original Church of St Anne (1776). The iconic Spire of Hope was erected in 2007 and was added because the soft ground or sleech, on which the Cathedral was built, could not withstand the extra weight of a traditional tower.

The Night Time Bazaar proved very popular and there were lots of visitors perusing all the stalls which contained arts, crafts, food, drinks and general nick nacks. This was the second event presented by Little Fox.

There are many events being held at the Cathedral in the run up to Christmas and I will attend one or two. Please try and support the Cathedral as, I believe, funding is critical (hence they charge for admission).