My first BBQ 2016

I am so embarrassed and p..sed off as today was my first BBQ for nearly 2 years!!!!! Aaagggghhhh the weather here is cr.p!!!! Nyways I fired up my Wee mini pink BBQ bucket from TESCO with real charcoal and honestly guys I started with charcoal, moved to gas and back to charcoal. The taste of charcoal is far superior, but yes it takes longer to cook and is more weather dependent!!

I marinated two chicken breasts in my tandoori masala. To accompany it I made a veggie risotto using two serving spoons of my veggie delight and 3/4 glass of arborio risotto rice. I cooked this for 40 minutes whilst the chicken was on the BBQ. 

Plated it up and had a fab meal. U want some?

Whilst coals are still hot cook other stuff. I did quorum sausages and garlic!!


Expansion good or bad part 2 of 2

Part two looking at expansion being good or bad.I have to say that in this case it was all good!!!!

I’m talking of Meat in A Bap.
I was at the original in October last and decided to get a take out. I ordered two meat in a box with mac cheese and sticky BBQ sauce. First u kinda gather I’m a big fan of mac cheese so I know the good uns from not so good, second I’m partial to pulled pork and BBQ chicken,which were the two meats I chose,as I am not a beefeater,always wanted to use that word!!!! All for a fiver.

10 Bedford St
United Kingdom
028 9099 2692

The guys at the counter were real helpful and explained it all.Service was gr8, not enough time to get a car parking ticket from the red coats.


So overall full marks for decor,service and food quality!!!

I was over the moon to find out Meat in a Box mark 2 was open in Botanic Avenue recently. I made a bee line for it at the start of June and was very impressed with the layout,the decor, the service and attention of staff.

48 Botanic Avenue
United Kingdom
028 9031 4905
Same site as above.

Again I was asked if I knew how the restaurant worked.I went for a sit in and you guessed it I had Pork in Bap,hot sauce,mac cheese for £5.95 with glass water. The service was exceptional and the taste was every bit as good as the original,if not better. So big thumbs up and well done to the Meat in A Bap team!!!


So conclusion has to be that expansion is good if all details are thought,planned and executed to exacting standards, ps where will MIAB
Mark 3 be?????

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Bubbacue BBQ

The BFM is taking a trip down memory lane. I just have to share a fantastic platter I shared with my wee gal last year at Bubbacue.

12 Callender St
United Kingdom
028 9027 8220

John Blissard from Philadelphia came here in 2006 and opened Boojum in 2007 in Botanic Avenue. He decided to open a “pop up” BBQ restaurant which was only meant to be open til Feb 2013. It’s now June 2014, I rest my case your honour!!! It has become an integral part if the Belfast food scene!!

Anyways the menu is on a chalk board viz


I ordered a pork sausage platter with extra hot sauce and water,to set a good example on my then 4 year old daughter. It duly arrived in an enamel dish, “wow are we really going to eat all of that?” Said my daughter.


The two sausages came with pickle,slice of corn bread and slaw with choice of 2 sides,we had mac cheese and home fries. I had to have the killer extra hot sauce. Now I can eat hot sauce,this ranked as one of the tastiest and best. All this for the some of £9.50, I see now the price has gone up to £10.50, still worth every penny.

I have tried the pulled pork platter on 14th dec 2012 and tasted the root beer and am a convert!!! So you should all head into town for some great bubbacue BBQ .

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Big Al’s for the best BBQ in Belfast

Hi guys gem no 2.
Big Als BBQ and burger joint on Stranmillis road is awesome.

I managed to polish off a pulled pork sandwich in Brioche bread,with creamy original coleslaw,pickle and the famous Big Al BBQ sauce,mmmm my mouth is watering!!! All for £4.95, bargain. The pulled pork literally melted in my mouth,the slaw was creamy, the pickle cut through it nicely and the BBQ sauce brought it all together.Quantity wise it was A1, only slight downside was the bread,it was very soft and broke up easily.

Big Al use a Belfast Bap instead!!!
Please all give it a try,
Once again the BFM shares the food love….




Getting over Super Bowl 48 blues

Hi I decided to go to Tony Romas on Monday evening to indulge in the never ending baby back ribs.I didn’t have a big US style blowout as the game was on from 11pm on Sunday til 3am Monday,so wasn’t hungry,hence the trip to Tony Roma’s!!!!

The deal was £17.95 for unlimited baby back ribs smothered in original,hot,bourbon and Carolina honey.This comes with one choice of sides and drinks are extra. I’ve noticed price is £2 cheaper here than on the mainland.

Service was good and the ribs,wow,you gotta go try them,my favourite was the hot ribs.So if you wanna chow down on these succulent morsels get down to Tony Roma’s on a Monday I managed 29 of the beauties!!! Once again the BFM shares the food love!!