Date night At 28

BFM took Mrs BFM out for dinner at a wonderful recently opened Chinese Restaurant and Take Out in Holywood called At 28.

45 High Street
BT18 9AB
028 9042 5888

I had a voucher for two starters, two mains and two sides. We ordered Crispy Chicken filo with sweet chilli (2 pc) and Salted and Chilli Chicken wings (4 pc) and received complimentary prawn crackers. The wings were great, not too chilli or salty, accompanied by a nice salad. The filo chicken was special. There were two chicken pieces wrapped in fine strips of filo and fried served on a bed of salad. The filo was crunchy and this was the first time we had tasted a dish like this,big thumbs up!

For mains we had Deep Fried King Prawn with salt and chilli and
Roast Duck in Plumb sauce with Chips and boiled rice. The portion sizes were big and the food was very tasty. It was served after about 15 minutes so was all cooked fresh. The duck was fresh and not frozen. It was all cooked by a Hong Kong Chef.

The restaurant was decorated with Hallowe’en regalia, which again was a first I had seen. It is also a BYO place.

This is a lovely place, with friendly staff and great tasting authentic Chinese Hong Kong food. I would certainly go back for more!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Best Chinese buffet chain in NI

The BFM is reminiscing about a trip to what I feel is one of the best Chinese buffet restaurants in Belfast.

101-150 York street
Cityside Retail Park
02890 754811

They have three other branches in Cookstown, Bangor and Enniskillen.

The food is great. I feel there is just the right amount of food for a Chinese buffet and not too much choice, so you can taste everything. The quality is consistent and I have nothing bad to say against it.

Food is always hot, fresh and frequently replenished. The staff are very good and Michael the manager is great.

It’s located at the Cityside Mall, so you can do your shopping, watch a money and have food,all at a reasonable price.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Gr8 Chinese Buffet

The BFM has had a gr8 evening after being helped by the bodies in the Apple store.Then I treated myself to some Chinese at China Buffet King.

Victoria Square
United Kingdom
028 9024 8100

All the favourite Chinese cuisine was there,so would thoroughly recommend it compared with another equally appetising brand close by!!!

Service was amazing,staff all wore smiles.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Steamy Steamboat

The BFM was out with a gr8 m8 from Sheffield last night and ended up in the Steamboat.

Donegall Pass
United Kingdom
+44 28 9023 0862

The restaurant is advertised as an Oriental BBQ. I would have to describe it as an Oriental Hot plate/Hot pot venue. So let’s explore. The signature dish is the hot pot with hot plate.This is basically a hot ceramic plate on which a soup is boiled (there are different soup bases,we chose the Tom yam) in a metal dish. Then there is a heated metal grill/skillet which is recessed into the table. Both are run by electric and can be controlled by diner.

To start with the soups are placed on the hot plates and plates of beef and lamb slices are provided. The beef for my partner lamb for me. The idea is to either semi cook in soup then finish on grill or vice versa. So we obliged and tested the meat and soup and hot plates. So far so good. We then went to get some fresh meat/fish/vegetables and sauces,came back to table and again tried various cooking combos.

An hour later, a couple of beers later for my partner and after trying different permutations,combinations and having good banter with staff and diners from Scotland,we decided to call it a day. The Privelege cost each of us £16.88 each (apparently 8 is lucky in Chinese!!). For what we got and the experience definitely well worth it!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Cool Concept in Chinese Cuisine at Beijing

The BFM went to Beijing Restaurant

341 Albertbridge Road
United Kingdom
028 9045 5759

What a novel concept. There is a large banner outside the restaurant saying “Eat As Much As You Want” lunch for £4.50, dinner for £6.99 (specific times).
I was not sure if it was a buffet type place, so I went in for lunch.

I was welcomed and seated and presented with a menu. My initial reaction was wow not a buffet, how does this work. I was reliably informed that you could order as many dishes as you wanted from appetisers (choice of 13), mains (choice of 15 plus accompaniments) and then desserts (choice of 4). The best thing was that the dishes all cooked from fresh to order.

I had a mixture, Crispy chilli chicken,chicken soup,chicken satay,prawn toast, crispy smoked chicken for starters.
Mains consisted of Chips,chicken fried rice,chicken balls,chicken curry,chicken Sichuan
Banana fritter and ice cream for sweet!!!


Now you might think all these dishes!! I must say the portion sizes were akin to small plates, almost tapaesque. The quality was good and service was fair. All dishes cooked afresh and very tasty . This would be a great place for a party!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Birthday Treat by Wifey at Macau

The BFM was taken out for a wonderful Chinese meal by his significant other to celebrate his birthday.

The venue was
Macau Restaurant
271 Ormeau Road
Bt7 3gg
028 9069 1800

We ordered one starter,one main and rice. Now this must be the only Chinese restaurant which does not serve chips!!! Here’s what we had
Free prawn crackers with Chilli oil and ginger oil
King prawn with salt n chilli £6
Char Sui and monkfish hot pot £13.80
Egg fried rice £2.40
Total £22.80

This is a Byo establishment, but we just had water,so do so,also it doesn’t take credit cards and checques,only cash.

The food was fantastic,the hot pot was plentiful and served in a cast iron pot. The starter size and rice portion sizes were generous. The service was superb.

The BFM would definitely say give this place a go.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Family chow time

Hi all
The BFM shared his food love with the family last night, now am sharing with you all!

It was mixed vegetable chow mein, vegetable sweet and sour sauce and salt and pepper chicken.


The chicken breast I had cut into approximately 2cm cubes,washed and then coated in salt, freshly ground black pepper and corn flour. This was then shallow fried in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil until golden brown,in a wok. The chicken was then removed and into the hot wok chopped garlic,onion,mushroom,spring onion including green stalks and green capsicum were shallow fried for 4 minutes.

The vegetables were removed and then the sauce was assembled. Sugar and white vinegar were placed into the wok with care and stirred til sugar dissolved. Then tomato ketchup added
for colour and chopped pieces of onion,peppers and pineapple added and cooked.

For the noodles I used 3 packets of chicken noodles,cooked for 3 minutes and sauce sachets added.

To serve see the picture, I placed the cooked veg onto a bed of the cooked noodles. Very simple to make, quickly and at a modest cost.I used the wok to cook 3 elements if the dish ie chicken, veg, sauce thereby keeping washing up to a minimum,keeping all the flavours and aiding the presentation.
So go on give it a try!!
Once again the BFM shares his food love!!!!!