Family run Indian Restaurant in Glasgow

On a recent trip to Glasgow the BFM had the pleasure of meeting three generations of the family that own and run Mr Singh’s and enjoying the quality food served their-in.

149 Elderslie Street
G3 7AW


+44 141 204 0186

The original Mr Singh and his sons opened this contemporary, fusion Indian restaurant with a Scottish twist, in September 1994. Now the grandsons are also involved.

The restaurant marries Scottish staples such as haggis, thistle and tartan and incorporates it into fine Indian cuisine, decoration and dress respectively. By this is meant haggis is cooked in different Indian styles, thistles adorn the tables as elegant table decoration and some of the waiters wear tartan kilts!! The tartan is MacRae or now dubbed McCurry!!

I had a starter of haggis, neeps and tattie samosas (x2) on a bed of sweet and sour chick peas with a simple side salad, followed by a main course of chicken tikka ginger chilli bhoona accompanied by the Papa Singh’s nan.
The starter and main course are from the Connoisseur range and the nan is a speciality (from the Taster Menu).

The samosas were freshly made and the combination worked very well ie the richness of the samosas was complimented very well with the tartness of the chick peas. The bhoona was exceptional. There were juliennes of ginger tempered with chilli and spices and cooked with chicken tikka in a thick sauce. The nan was amazing filled with cheese, onion, coriander and chicken tikka.

There are of course many other dishes both traditional and restaurant specific.The food and service was exceptional, a true testament to the whole family.

Definitely one of the finest Indian restaurants in Glasgow, with a couple of unique touches. A restaurant frequented by many a sports star from the world of golf and football alike.

This restaurant is a true, bona fide Indian restaurant which is owned by and run by Indians and food also cooked by Indian chefs.

Once againe the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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Lunch for two at the Khayber

The BFM plus one decided to do lunch today to celebrate the Indian festivals of Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal (harvest time in India). The venue we chose was the Khayber Indian Restaurant.

373 Antrim Road
Northern Ireland
+44 28 9084 9414

We had both been there a couple of years ago so we thought we would revisit it. It was a cold and snowy afternoon, so what better than some hot and spicy food to warm us up.





It was pleasing to see that they had displayed the scores on the doors (and scored 5/5) and also information on allergies. The owner, who is 2nd generation restauranteer (father and his business partner started one of the first Indian restaurants,which I frequented as a youngster, in Belfast and his uncle and cousin also started another well known chain in Northern Ireland) was telling us that they had a renovation in July 2014 and that he went for a more traditional look. We both agreed it works and works very well.





The Khayber had also won several accolades and being situated where it is there is a lot of competition.



For lunch we both requested authentic Indian cuisine and we were recommended chicken Balti and Lamb Karahi. We ordered keema nan, garlic nan and pilau rice as well as a green chilli and fresh onion side salad.


The dishes came out very efficiently served in traditional Indian vessels (a handi and karahi) and eaten off hot round white plates, again a big thumbs up!!! The lamb was tender and succulent and of good quality, the masala was thick and spicy and was not runny or overpowering the taste of the lamb. The chicken was fresh and not frozen or overcooked in a wonderful lightly spiced masala bringing out the wonderful taste of the spices. The keema nan had just enough keema and the garlic nan was tasty and not drenched in garlic. The rice was colourful and tasty also. Portion sizes were excellent, just enough to fill two hungry lads!!! Could not have had starters, sides or desserts!!!!

The chef and waiters are seasoned professionals who have been here from India for some time now and can accommodate any requests and questions.

I would certainly return and I would implore you to give it s try. The quality has improved and the decor is better than before.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao 4 now!!
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Is this the best Indian Restaurant in the Belfast area?

The BFM had heard that the Tale of Spice was the no 2 out of 609 restaurants in Belfast (Tripadvisor) so decided to pay a visit.

Unit 2B Eastpoint Entertainment Village
1 Old Dundonald Road,Dundonald
BT16 1XT
United Kingdom
028 9048 7676

I have to say that it looked very good decor wise and so it should be as it’s been open since August this year. The joint owners are Indian, front of House is Sunil and chef in kitchen being the other owner. Both have worked in Indian Ocean restaurants and have vast experience. Also the two waiters are Indians,so this is a genuine Indian Restaurant and not Pakistani or Bangladeshi, so food is 100% genuine Indian.

I went for the lunch special which is 2 courses for £7.95. I chose the mixed vegetable and mince lamb samosas (2 pc) served with salad and a lovely red sweet and sour sauce.

For main course I had the chicken jalfrezi and nan. I must admit it was the best Jalfrezi I have had and the nan was fluffy and accompanied the jalfrezi very well. The Jalfrezi was just hot (chilli) enough and there was ample sauce,along with mushrooms, green peppers and onion,just like a Jalfrezi should be.

Chef made me fresh cardamom infused rice pudding topped with chopped almonds. Delicious way to finish the meal.

It is a new restaurant and in my opinion one of the best authentic Indian restaurants in the greater Belfast area. I would thoroughly recommend it,especially to take advantage of their lunch time specials.
It’s a great place to lunch in for any offices nearby or even Dundonald hospital.

There is ample car parking there, also cinema and a kids play area all in the complex. They do have a kids menu, so why not make a day or night of it!!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Nice dinner out with Mrs BFM

We chose Lolita as we had a voucher to the value of £20.

66 Stranmillis Rd
United Kingdom
028 9066 8087

The deal was 2 starters,2 mains and two rice.If one wanted fish/prawn there was a surcharge. Also they were rigid and would not change a rice for a nan.

Anyways we ordered Chichen pakora supreme £4.10
Malai chicken tikka £4.25
Chicken tikka saag £11.95
Lamb chilli garlic £11.95
Keema nan £2.55
Plus water to drink. So quids in.



The starters were fantastic,the lamb garlic chilli certainly had chilli,not too much garlic and lamb was perfect. The chicken saag was a bit watery.Also the keema nan was very small.The food was tasty overall so give it a go.

Some USP’s were there were booths separated with chiffon,there was face cloths for hand dryers in the bathroom and expandable hot towels!!

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

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Manchester Mughli Meal

So the BFM held off and didn’t eat on the plane,just as well as me and my sis went to one of Manchesters best restaurants, Mughli, in the “curry mile”
As per The Telegraph.It started in 1991 as an Indo-Pak style restaurant,serving up “commoner type food”


Whilst we peroused the menu we nibbled on 4 plain poppadoms (£2.40) and a fresh chutney set (£2)


We opted for all the food to be brought together. The first dish was the Kati Roll (£5.50) which was basically spiced diced chicken tikka wrapped in thin chapatti like bread. It was supposed to be Romali roti or very thin,but was a bit too thick,but tasty however. I chose the chicken masal dum biryani.This is a biryani which is cooked in a copper pot sealed with dough.The idea is that the rice and filling (meat or veg) is cooked on dircect heat and steamed at same time (£11). This was served with a raita and tomato sauce. My sis went for kulchi (£9.50) which was a chicken and mince lamb curry. Mopped up by a cheesy naan £3. To wash it down we shared a large coke £2.50 and jug of water.


The style of food was Mughali with a definite bias towards common food types ie street food ,roadside cafe or dhabha and railway style as well as the
famous “staff curry”.

Definitely a unique experience,if you are in Manchester on Wilmslow Road or Knutsford,try Mughli. Alas nothing like this exists in Belfast!!!!

Great value at £36, and timings are great. Food was exceptional.

Mother’s Day treat

My wife and daughters are away,so it was left to me to treat my mum and of course my dad!! So I asked my mum where do you want to eat. “Nu Delhi” was the unanimous shout from both of them.Having eaten there before I knew we were all in for a treat.
028 9024 4747
25 Bruce street,Belfast

I had a living social voucher for £25 which was for 5 different chicken tapas,5 mini naans and 2 cocktails and poppadoms and chutney set, or for £22 we could have got two curries,two portions rice,one naan to share and two beers as well as poppadoms and chutney set. Now my folks are vegetarian and don’t drink so we went for second option,substituting the alcoholic mango cocktail which was lovely.I had water. So we ordered saag aloo,tarka daal,one naan and only one rice came out.I chose the mixed fusion grill (£15.95) which was a U5 (size) king prawn, 3 pieces if chicken tikka,a piece of tandoori chicken (and not boti kebab,as per menu) and seek kebab,all
with mushroom and peppers,fresh onions and small serving of sweet tangy sauce,as well as a keema naan (£3.60).
During the meal we ordered an extra garlic naan(£2.60).

The food was amazing,my dad loved it,as did my mum,but alas it was too big for me!!!! So I had to bring the rest back,that’s dinner sorted for tomorrow. All in all well worth the money.On reflection should have had the chicken tapas after all that’s what I paid for,and should have got 2nd rice.

The staff were very friendly,suggestive and helpful.We were in and out in good time.

So go on the BFM shares the food love!!