Teppanyaki buffet in Lisburn

The BFM tried the Red Wok in Lisburn a couple of weeks ago and was very pleased with the food. The selection was enough to try each and every dish at lunch time.

Lisburn Leisure Park
BT28 1LP
028 9266 6639

It used to be Ginza and I must say it has matured very well. I had the buffet lunch including the Teppanyaki (chicken and squid). There was just enough of a variety to keep me satisfied. As I’ve said before too much food can spoil choices.

I would say if you get a chance check it out.

Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao for now

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Last supper for my sis in Manchester

So BFM reporting here. It was a celebratory last hurrah for my sis,her send off from Manchester and so she chose Sapporo Teppanyaki on Liverpool street



Our two cousins joined us for dinner. We were very warmly welcomed and seated in the waiting area until the two lads joined us.We could hear the exuberant sounding chefs. For those not in the know Teppanyaki comes from Teppan meaning iron plate and Yaki meaning grilled. It is as much as a show as it is dining experience. The skill full and jolly chefs do there own tricks and cabaret and get the diners involved. We all sat around the hot plates and chefs in the middle.


For starters we shared a mixed sushi platter (8 pc for £14) along with garlic mayo,soy sauce and spicy sauce.I love hot sauce and asked chef for hottest sauce he had. He duly obliged and sent out a bowl of exquisite very hot Thai chilli sauce.wow!!!


Whilst the other three were getting through their first of three bottles of Sauvignon blanc, I was supping water as I wanted my palate to be fresh for the main course/show. My sis went for asparagus in chicken,cousin one had the beef teriyaki medium rare,cousin two had the sole and I went for the duck teriyaki well done. To accompany this the chef prepared sautéed potatoes,stir fried veg and egg fried rice.

Part of the show was the chef throwing upto three sautéed potatoes and each diner trying to catch them in their mouths,I failed miserably,but the two lads got holes in one!!





Throughout the evening lights dimmed there were flames and instrumental renditions of happy birthday to those who were celebrating. The fact that different parties were sat together around the Teppanyaki pit added to the experience.

I would thoroughly encourage you all to try Sapporo Teppanyaki in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. I cannot thank the staff enough especially Didi who made sure we were all looked after!!!! A fitting venue for last supper. Very well worth the £160 pounds for four.

Once again the BFM shares his food love!!!